Littlest Sweet Shop: Kawaii Box Giveaway

Nov 21, 2014

Littlest Sweet Shop: Kawaii Box Giveaway: Hey Littlest Sweet Shoppers! Remember my review of the Kawaii Box service last week? Want to win a box of kawaii goodness for yourself? ...

Azone News ~ 1/3 Doll

Aug 6, 2014

Here is another Azone news post, yep another one. After my last post I noticed the information on this new girl. She is a 1/3 scale doll so she is around 50cm tall. Around the same as a Dollfie Dream doll. Now lets get right to it and have a look at this new 1/3 scale doll.

1/3 Original Doll Alice - Time of Grace 

Normal sales version

Direct store version

They will both be up for sale on the 7th. Which is in a few hours from now. The normal sales version can be found on various sites, like Amiami, Hobby Search and maybe HLJ. While the direct store version is only available on the Azone International Japanese online store. Meaning you will have to use a proxy/shipping service in order to order her as she will only be shipped in japan as the Azone store does not sell to international customers. You can always keep your eye on the aftermarket for her. 

As all Azone dolls that gets up for pre-order and released the same month sells out quickly. They do not make that many of them and they usually sell out really fast. So in order to get one its best to be ready to order the instance they are up for order. I have lost a few girls since I wasn't fast enough. ^^;;  So you have to be ready to keep refreshing the site of you choice until it updates and then quickly make your order.

I like using Hobby Search as they often put the page of the item up before the pre-order starts.and you can subscribe to the item via email. That way you will receive and email once the item is up for order. Its really nice. That way you can quickly order her from them or if you want you can then check the other site of your choice.  You can find her on Hobby Search here:  Link 

HLJ does not get some of the 1/3 scale dolls it seems, so be careful here. They also sometimes tend to take in too many orders. I have experienced this 3 times now and missed out. But if your early enough it should be fine.

I think Alice is super cute and I have fallen in love with the normal sales version. I think she is really pretty. And the more I look at her the more I want her. But she is a 1/3 scale doll and thus quite expensive. She goes for around 45000 jpy ^^;; So about the same as a basic Dollfie Dream doll. But I think she is really pretty and she would go well with the rest of the Alice in Wonderland themed dolls I'm getting ^^;; 

Now to decide if I should try and get her tonight or wait and try getting her on the aftermarket. Money is a bit short right now and I'm not sure I will have the money in time to get her ^^;; 

Will you be getting one of these cute girls?

Azone News ~ Re-release

Aug 4, 2014

So a new Azone PureNeemo girl is out for pre-order. She is a part of the 10th best selection where they re-release some of their older girls. Lets have a look at the new girl that's up for pre-order:

Ex☆Cute 10th Best Selection 
Classic Alice Tick-Tock Rabbit Himeno

She is super cute >w< I just couldn't resist this one. I'm getting the Classic Alice Chershire Cat so I had to get the Rabbit as well. This Himeno version is the cutest of them all. I have 1 Himeno that I got because it was a good price ^^;; Should have resisted that impulse buy. Anyway, I think Himeno is really cute here and I love her hair and eye color. They say she will be released in Autumn 2014, but HLJ says its in December. So I'm gonna guess it december and save up money for then. Pre-orders like this seems to be delayed so I think we can assume she might be delayed. Guess, I'll find out once Aika gets released later this month.

And as with the other 10th best selection girls, she comes with another version. She smiles a little bit less here, but I have to say I prefer the normal smiling version over this one.

(Normal smile version and Osumashi Mouth)

 She can be found up for pre-order here:

Normal Smile Version

Osumashi Mouth Version

I believe she will be up for pre-order throughout this month and then the pre-orders will close. I want to start doing a monthly if not a weekly Azone news post. But before I start doing this I want to find some sources for information I can use. If anyone have any good place for Azone related news please share the link with me. Will be greatly appreciated. Japanese sites are just as welcome. 

Will you be getting this cute girl?

It lives!!

Jul 17, 2014

Hi everyone and sorry for the lack for blog posts. I have not been all that inspired lately. I had a lot of plans but I just never got around to do it ^^;; And now I'm on vacation in Denmark, visiting my lovely boyfriend. It was well over a month since I last saw him so that was really nice~

First impression on lactose free diet

Jun 22, 2014

Hello everyone.  Been a little while now since my last blog post. I have been a bit lazy and low on energy. There's so much I want to get done but no energy, and I have been sick a lot.

I'll add a read more tab to this post so if you don't want too read this you can easily skip it and go on to the more fun parts of this blog. I will be talking about my stomach problems and my first experience in having a milk/lactose free diet.